Technical Update

Dear Doctor & Staff,

Your case was mounted on a centric stop articulator to maintain accurate occlusion. Unless your preference or Rx calls for an adjustable articulator (Denar, Panadent, Stratos, etc), we will continue to use the Magic Art articulator (pictured below), when required.

The benefits are

  1. The black magnetic mounting plates ‘snap’ securely into our digital scanners. This repeatable positioning increases accuracy, especially critical for implant precision!
  2. The risk of damage and cost of shipping articulators back and forth is avoided.
  3. With one of these Magic Art articulators in your office, you can quickly ‘snap’ mount your incoming cases, for design review, occlusal verification, and patient presentation.
  4. The mounting plates are reusable. Please return them to us for future cases. Thanx!

You can now have a Magic Art of your own. Available to you at our cost of only $50.
. (You may also be interested in extra magnetic plates for mounting other cases in your office)*

Let us know that you’d like one, and we’ll send yours today.

Macihne 1
Machine 2


Precision and simplicity. 

A multi-functional articulating system that delivers an easy and convenient way to articulate your lab models.


Magnetic Plates: 2 pcs

High impact nylon

Metal centric pin

Condylar elastics for excursion

Height: 4.65 inches / 118 mm

*Magnetic Mounting Plates  Box of 10 (5 Sets) - $75